Is it Time to Modernize and Revitalize This 30 Year Old Framework?

In this guide, IT industry luminary Malcolm Fry shares his top 10 ITIL recommendations and improvements to help the framework stay relevant.

"The ITIL framework has been with us since the 1980's, providing guidance and standard practices, but it's not perfect. It provides a framework for IT service management (ITSM) and IT a reference for professionals to create their own IT service management (ITSM) services, but it does have some gaps and problems," says Malcolm.

"Even the naysayers, the "ITIL detractors", who claim it has no competition (which may be true), use ITIL terminology. That is how ingrained the ITIL framework is in the service desk / helpdesk world. But I think it's time for the framework to get a facelift". 

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